Incubator for sustainable cities will foster the best emerging talents in architecture, landscape design and urban planning, with a focus on sustainable cities.

Rapid urbanisation and the increase rate of climate change is fueling new thinking in the planning of the next generation of sustainable cities. As such it has become a necessity to promote a culture of innovation in urban planning.

The incubator for sustainable cities by URB is designed to foster a bottom-up entrepreneurial spirit in the built environment. The R&D programme will empower & cultivate a new breed of young innovators to become the next leaders of sustainable design.

CEO of URB, Baharash Bagherian who has masterminded designs of several sustainable cities that are under construction, explains the key aims of the incubator.

“Our aim is to discover, support and mentor the next generation of designers. The incubator is one of several initiatives by URB to enable and foster an ecosystem of sustainable innovators at an early stage in their careers. It will empower the best young minds whilst promoting a culture of sustainability in urban planning. These initiatives coupled with our ongoing projects will help us with our mission to accelerate the world’s transition towards sustainable development.”

Winners will be given an opportunity for mentorship in Dubai Design District.

Terms and submission requirements can be downloaded here.

Key dates

Deadline     30/August/ 2022
Shortlist      30/September/2022
Winners       30/October/2022