Rising population, urbanisation and impacts of climate change are increasing the need for cities to be resilient, liveable and smart. Thus the creation of sustainable cities is no longer a choice, it has become a necessity. This requires planners with experience in designing and delivering sustainable communities


URB are highly experienced developers & consultants that provide development management, master planning, landscape and architectural services
with a focus on designing Net Zero Sustainable Cities. The company was founded by Baharash Bagherian, a highly experience master planner with over 18 years of experience.


Baharash Bagherian has worked in various senior roles for international architectural practices. Most recently he was the former Design Director of Diamond Developers and led the designs of various sustainable cities across the globe whilst leading and managing a team of Architects, Urban Planners, Landscape Designers and Interior designers.


Our sustainability DNA is comprehensive and covers all aspects of sustainability to ensure our designs are holistic, resilient and smart. We implement and monitor our DNA to the highest of standards on each project, thus providing significant benefits to the social, environmental and economic sustainability of cities.

Ultimately, our holistic approach to sustainability allows us to create unique destinations that make people feel healthy to live in, inspired to work in and want to visit.


There is a true sense of entrepreneurial spirit in our approach to master planning. Each project is driven by a process of investigation, experimentation and always asking “what if?”. The outcomes of these studies coupled with our expertise in urban planning which embodies years of research, testing, and implementation of sustainable solutions, form the basis of the design.

Each project thus presents an opportunity for a new way of thinking, to provide a higher quality of life whilst also protecting the environment.


Our team consists of highly experienced Urban Planners, Landscape Designers & Architects. We work holistically from the very beginning to ensure we provide our clients with the best solutions.


We treat our clients as partners and engage them actively throughout the entire process. This collaborative approach to master planning provides the best environment for projects to exceed expectations and be delivered on time and within budget.