Human Centric Urban Innovations by Baharash Bagherian, provides unique blueprints of the next generation of sustainable cities, as well as the types of assets and infrastructures required to create such human centric cities. The book also illustrates innovation in urban planning, to create communities as well as assets that allow people, planet & profit to thrive in balance.

This book will inspire anyone interested in urban planning, to rethink our approach to designing new cities, whilst also regenerating our existing built environments.

Human Centric Urban Innovations focuses on a holistic approach to urbanism to create the next generation of sustainable cities. The designs displayed in this book embrace innovation as their backbone, to create a paradigm shift in the planning of such cities.

The case studies from URB offers a glimpse to how human centric cities could look & feel like. Ultimately, the book aims to inspire others to be the change the world so desperately needs, and more importantly, to inspire the next generation to rethink our approach to urban planning.


Title: Human Centric Urban Innovations

Publication year: 2023

Author: Baharash Bagherian

Hardcover: 293 pages

Illustrations: 161

ISBN: 978-1-7394730-9-9 

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Baharash Bagherian is a visionary author, urban planner, and CEO dedicated to shaping the future of sustainable cities. As the author of ‘Human Centric Urban Innovations’, Baharash’s work inspires a fresh perspective on urban planning, challenging us to rethink our approach to designing cities while revitalizing existing urban landscapes. His innovative approach to urban planning and community development represents a paradigm shift, setting a new standard for cities that prioritize the well-being of their residents and the environment.

He leads URB to develop the highest standards of sustainable destinations, through his unique expertise as well as sustainability know-how. Baharash’s extensive experience includes spearheading designs for groundbreaking sustainable cities under construction.

Baharash Bagherian’s influence extends beyond his written work and design projects. He is a sought-after keynote speaker on topics related to net-zero cities, smart cities, landscape architecture, and sustainable urban development. His thought leadership inspires and educates audiences around the world, fostering a deeper understanding of the critical role cities play in addressing environmental challenges.

With a vision firmly rooted in sustainability and a commitment to innovation, Baharash Bagherian invites us to shape a brighter, more sustainable future together. His work and passion continue to drive positive change, offering a blueprint for the cities of tomorrow that prioritize the well-being of their inhabitants and the health of the planet.



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As designers, we all strive to create and live in spaces that elevate our way our life. Over the last century, however, this has come at a grave cost. Global temperatures and levels of pollution have risen exponentially. We need to start solving these problems with design at macro scale!

That is exactly what Human Centric Urban Innovations focuses on. Authored by Baharash Bagherian, this book illustrates how future cities could operate. Most importantly, it highlights how sustainable living does not have to be a compromise. In fact, when done correctly, it is highly aspirational. The book is a visual delight, with key diagrams explaining how future cities can be put together. There is a strong narrative of both design and socio-economic influences. Unlike other books on the topic, this one can be easily digested by anyone interested in the topic of urban innovation through sustainability.

Key principles to urban design are tackled with a pragmatic approach. Cities are an urban tapestry, and as such have multiple layers, each providing a function to the built environment. Baharash crafts a narrative that allows the readers to go on a journey, delivering an experience that dives deep into case studies of urban innovation around the GCC. The reader can visually see how a city has a ‘heart & arteries’, and how that impacts the pedestrian experience. This book contains tangible insights that aim to inspire and spark conversations about how we experience urban cities. I would highly recommend this book to any designer who is passionate about the topics of sustain-ability and the built environment.

Alan George

"Human Centric Urban Innovations" is a valuable resource for anyone passionate about urban development.

Thanks, Baharash Bagherian for contributing to the discourse on creating sustainable, inclusive, and futuristic urban spaces.

This book makes us rethink our approach to designing new cities, whilst also regenerating our existing built environments and the case studies offer a glimpse into how human-centric cities could look and feel like.

Sailesh Sigatapu

Very well scripted with a clean, clear and sustainable human centric vision towards urban development.

Abhishek Ganapathy

Discover the perfect harmony of "Human Centric Urban Innovations" by Baharash Bagherian! Embrace innovation, sustainability, and people-centric planning for cities that thrive in balance.

Leila Hurstel