Incubator for sustainable cities by URB is the first of it’s kind anywhere in the world. We are investing in Urban-Technology for the next generation of sustainable cities, whilst fostering a culture of innovation in urban planning.

Rapid urbanisation and the increase rate of climate change is fueling new thinking in urban-tech. The URB Incubator is designed to foster a bottom-up entrepreneurial spirit in the built environment. The R&D programme will empower & cultivate a new breed of young innovators to become the next leaders of sustainable technological solutions.

CEO of URB, Baharash Bagherian who has masterminded designs of several sustainable cities that are under construction, explains the key aims of the incubator.

“Our aim is to discover, support and mentor the next generation of innovators. The incubator is one of several initiatives by URB to enable and foster an ecosystem of sustainable innovation in urban planning. These initiatives coupled with our ongoing projects will help us with our mission to accelerate the world’s transition towards sustainable development.”

The 2022 Incubator award ceremony has already concluded. Below are some video highlights of the ceremony and testimonials from the winners. The 2023 incubator is launching soon, please follow our social media channels for further updates.

We are delighted to partner with URB in our shared vision of enabling cities that are smart, sustainable, and responsive to citizen needs. Anthill supports bold entrepreneurs in the urban technology space who have scaled immensely; in the past year Anthill has supported our urban tech portfolio to raise combined $14M in early stage funding, expand to two new geographies each, on average, and activate marquee clients across business and government. We are certain that our partnership with the URB incubator will result in further opportunities for path-breaking, global urban technologies to scale in India.

Sailesh Sigatapu

Partner at Anthill Capital Ventures

The incubator program at URB is perfect for us and we are really glad that we are the winners of this first cycle, and I think it will be a great opportunity to showcase our technology at a larger scale in collaboration with URB.

Dr. Saeed Al Khazraji, MANHAT

The breadth of the submissions which tried to address some of the most critical challenges that our cities are facing, made it very thrilling to judge and to narrow down a shortlist. Beyond environmental challenges, it was encouraging to see that submissions tried to address social challenges to create more inclusive communities. The submissions clearly highlighted the wide range of opportunities & challenges that urban planners, architects and designers need to think about for creating more liveable and resilient cities. As such, the incubator for sustainable cities is an important initiative to foster and promote sustainability within the built environment.

Phil Dunn

Senior Manager, Terra Pavilion at Expo City

I would like to recommend everybody to apply. We are very excited for what is going to come to us in the future, and I believe together and only together we can create sustainable cities, towns, neighbourhoods, streets & the whole world. JUST APPLY.