A new show aimed at empowering cities and businesses towards sustainable & zero carbon design, covering various topics around sustainable cities. Season 1 will take viewers behind the scenes at URB headquarters in Dubai Design District, to see what it takes to design cities that will shape the future. Topics include Smart Cities, Liveable Cities, Resilient Cities, Biophilic Cities, Green Infrastructure, Productive Cities, Empowering Cities, Inclusive Cities and more.

The show looks to enable an edutainment knowledge platform, for cities and businesses to think holistically about the various challenges that directly impact quality of life, whilst promoting multi-functional solutions to reduce their impact on the environment. Rapid increase in urbanization, climate change and population are creating severe pressure on cities’ infrastructures as well as people’s quality of life. This requires a more resilient approach to creating the next generation of sustainable cities that address food security, water conservation, waste recycling, renewable energy, building materials, mobility, biodiversity, air pollution, wellbeing and much more. ​

S1 E1: Empowering Cities

Episode 1 of “Shaping The Future” documentary series follows Baharash Bagherian, CEO of URB, who has masterminded designs of various sustainable cities currently under construction, to learn more about the importance of empowering cities to promote entrepreneurship from the bottom-up. This inward investment will create more green jobs whilst enabling a new breed of sustainable innovators to foster a new way of thinking about cities.

Baharash Bagherian highlights the backbone to the next generation of sustainable cities which is about empowering people at all levels. Empowering cities will flip the top-down system of urban planning, enabling an ecosystem for innovators from the bottom-up to address the social, economic, and environmental challenges facing so many cities worldwide. This will promote a culture of entrepreneurship within the built environment.


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